About Zabalaza Books

Zabalaza Books is an anarchist communist publishing project linked to the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front.

The views within our publications are not necessarily shared by the ZACF as a whole.  They are published  for self-education, initiating discussion, for use by study groups, for tabling/outreach, etc.

All our publications are available free for download from the links in the categories on the right.  Any requests, comments etc. can be made via the Contact form on this site.

We believe that the present, unequal system we are all forced to live under will continue as long as most working and poor people think it is fair and the best possible, or, if they think it is unjust and inaccessible, cannot see an alternative. It is the job of Anarchists to convince people that there is a practical and better alternative to the present system. It is for this reason that Zabalaza Books exists.

The role of Zabalaza Books is to make Anarchist literature cheaply available to working and poor people in southern Africa. However, no idea is of any use unless it is rooted in, and influences in a positive way, the practical experiences of ordinary people. Our actions and ideas are to try influence the class struggle. However, we do so as equals, not as self-appointed “leaders” or “vanguards”. We do not aim to “seize power” on behalf of the workers and poor – to make ourselves the new privileged ruling minority.

Instead, we urge everyone to fully and directly control and manage their own struggles and organisations and to make their own decisions. As Anarchists, we try to develop and extend the class struggle for improvements and reforms within Capitalism into an openly revolutionary movement aiming to replace the present system – while, at the same time, fighting the day-to-day struggle in an Anarchist way.

By organising in the workplaces and communities, we, instead of being isolated individuals, will be in a position to take control of our own lives and link up with others, and so create a power that can deal the injustices of Capitalism crippling blows and, in the long run, create a world based on solidarity, equality, freedom and social justice.

The struggle will be long and hard, but worth it. We at Zabalaza Books are committed to developing a movement that will create this New World.

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