“Only the Organised Survive”: A Rebel Worker Handbook

“Only the Organised Survive”: A Rebel Worker HandbookAuthor: Various | File size: 430 KB

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THE INDIGNITY OF WORKING FOR A LIVING is well known to anyone who ever has. Democracy, the great principle on which our society is supposedly founded, is thrown out the window as soon as we punch the time clock at work.

With no say over what we produce, or how that production is organised, and with only a small portion of that product’s value finding its way into our paycheques, we have every right to be pissed off at our bosses.

Ultimately, of course, we need to create a society in which working people make all the decisions about the production and distribution of goods and services. Harmful or useless industries, such as arms and chemical manufacturing, or the banking and insurance scams, would be eliminated….

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Charted and Uncharted Territories: Common Cause and the Role of the Anarchist Organization

Charted and Uncharted Territories: Common Cause and the Role of the Anarchist Organization - Common CauseAuthor: Common Cause  |  File Size: 415 KB

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These days, the phrase “anarchist organization” is widely seen as a contradiction of terms. For those whose opinions of anarchism are shaped by dominant society, this is perfectly understandable. In the crude caricature fashioned by capitalist media depictions and reinforced through popular culture, anarchy is synonymous with chaos, spontaneous violence, and a vicious, Hobbesian state of nature.

However, more pertinent to us is that even within anarchist circles, the idea of an anarchist organization is often seen either as an oxymoron, or more commonly, as an inherently authoritarian structure somewhat akin to a Leninist cult. And as anarchists who have derived considerable practical benefits from our participation in a formally structured organization, we feel that much of this confusion boils down to a misunderstanding of terms and history. …

This text is from Volume 2 of Mortar: Revolutionary Journal of
Common Cause Anarchist Organization | Linchpin.ca

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Thoughts on Commitment, Responsibility and Self-discipline

Thoughts on Commitment, Responsibility and Self-disciplineAuthor: Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro  |  File size: 348 KB

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This article discusses the complicated questions of commitment, responsibility and self-discipline from the point of view of the Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro.

Translation: Jonathan Payn    |   Related Link: http://farj.org/

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Race, Class and Organisation

Race, Class and Organisation by the Workers Solidarity FederationAuthor: Workers Solidarity Federation  |  File size: 244 KB

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It is falsely claimed by some that Anarchism, as currently constituted, is unable to attract Black people, and other specially oppressed minorities. It is therefore argued that we should thus endorse separate Black-only anarchist/community organisations that may in some (vague and unspecified) cases associate with “white” groups – “white” groups should “work among” “their own” people etc.)… but… “it was the ability of anarchism to provide alternatives and to pay special attention to the specific needs of … different sections of the working class in order to unite the whole class that made the success (of the Cuban anarchists and IWW) possible,” not “a revision of anarchism to accommodate nationalism”..

Originally published in Black Flag magazine, 1998
Text retrieved from LibCom.org
Online WSF archive

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Considerations about the Anarchist Programme

Considerations about the Anarchist ProgrammeAuthor: José Antonio Gutiérrez D.  |  File size: 729 KB

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It is not enough to have the “truth”…

This article discusses the anarchist programme from a revolutionary anarchist perspective. In it, the author analyses the need to make a qualitative shift from an anarchism which is restricted to propaganda circles, to an anarchism with the possibility of social transformation, putting forward a few basic considerations for the necessity of the development of revolutionary programmes in order to facilitate this shift.

Translation: Jonathan Payn (ZACF)
Found at:

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Anarchists and the Trade Unions: Be active! be involved!

Anarchists and the Trade Unions by Gregor KerrAuthor: Gregor Kerr  |  File size: 356 KB

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Trade Unions are important organs of the working-class. Gregor Kerr – a member of the Irish National Teachers Organisation who has been involved in campaigns against “social partnership” and in many strike support groups – argues that trade union involvement should form a central part of the political activity of all anarchists.

This article is from the WSM’s publication Red and Black Revolution, #3

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Expecto Patronum: Lessons from Harry Potter for Social Justice Organising

Expecto Patronum: Lessons from Harry Potter for Social Justice OrganisingAuthor: Chris Crass  |  File size: 350 KB

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Have you daydreamed about being a member of an inter-generational social justice organisation like the Order of Phoenix? Do you want Dumbledore to be your mentor? Have dementors ever burned you out to the point where you doubted your ability to take on the Voldemorts of our world? Do you find yourself analysing Dumbledore’s Army for lessons on developing liberatory vision, culture, leadership, and organisation? Me too. Let’s develop our magic, build our liberation movement, and defeat the Voldemorts in our world….

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