For a Theory of Strategy

For a Theory of Strategy by Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB)

Author: Brazilian Anarchist Coordination
(Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira – CAB) [1]

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Power relations permeate all social relations and involve social agents in the most diverse disputes and attempts to influence situations. In societies divided into social classes there is a specific power relationship that can manifest itself in different social spheres (economic, political and ideological): dominance, domination.

Domination occurs when a class, group, or individual carries out the plan of another person, group, or class against their own interests, thereby damaging themselves, and reinforcing the dominator’s privileges.

The social classes mark the history of humanity since the appearance of the great civilizations up to the present, possessing a prominent and specific role in capitalism. Relations between social classes are relations of domination.

Anarchism, as a socialist current, struggles for the end of domination and, consequently, for the end of social classes, having the aim of building an egalitarian (socialist) and free (libertarian) system.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary for anarchists in general, and our political organisations in particular, to build a strategy and program that will guide the general path of this transformation.

Originally published as Para uma Teoria da Estratégia in 2017 at For a related theory and strategy article we recommend The Problems Posed by the Concrete Class Struggle and Popular Organisation, available from Zabalaza Books here. Translation by S. Nicholas Nappalos. Text from the website of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation / Federación Anarquista Rosa Negra

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Capitalism, Anti-Capitalism and Popular Organisation


Author: Universidade Popular / Movimento dos Trabalhadores Desempregados (MTD-RJ) (Movement of Unemployed Workers) [Brasil]

English translation: Jonathan Payn, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2020

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This booklet, called Capitalism, Anti-Capitalism and Popular Organisation, is a publication of the Popular University of Rio de Janeiro in conjunction with the Movement of Unemployed Workers of Rio de Janeiro (MTD-RJ).

Formed in mid-2007, the Popular University believes in the political, social and cultural self-education of male and female workers (homeless, landless, unemployed, street vendors, etc.) with a view to building a new society based on socialism and freedom. It is made up of students and workers who assert themselves as the real producers of the wealth of the current society and ,“indignant with the most complete situation of misery and oppression that affects us”, has the “deepest desire for the collective construction of a new society, based on co-operation and equality. ” [Pro-Popular University Manifesto]

This notebook was designed and written by Universidade Popular. The first part was based to a large extent on the book Anticapitalismo para Principiantes by Ezequiel Adamovsky, edited in Argentina.

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