Anarchism: From Theory to Practice

Anarchism: From Theory to Practice by Daniel Guérin

Author: Daniel Guérin

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Anarchism: From Theory to Practice by Daniel Guérin is a “definitional tract in the ‘ABCs’ of anarchism”. It is Guérin’s best-known work, describing the intellectual substance and actual practice of anarchism.  The book covers the theoretical basis of anarchism, as well as giving historical examples of its practical application in selected struggles in the 20th century.

Originally published in French, in 1965, by Editions Gallimard under the title L’anarchisme: De la doctrine à l’action. The English translation by Mary Klopper, with a foreword by Noam Chomsky, was first published by Monthly Review Press, New York, in 1970.
The Foreword and Postscript were taken LibCom, with the rest from the Anarchist Library.   |

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