[Leaflet] Statement on the Informal Anarchist Federation and terrorist tactics

leaflet - AFed Statement on the Informal Anarchist Federation (May 2012)Author: Anarchist Federation  |  PDF file size: 42.1 KB

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On the 11th of May Roberto Adinolfi, CEO of an Italian state controlled nuclear engineering company, was shot and wounded. A cell of the insurrectionist Informal Anarchist Federation have claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement, saying that it was an act of vengeance for deaths and environmental damage caused by the nuclear industry. Previous acts claimed by Informal Anarchist Federation cells include sending a letter bomb to the Italian tax collection office, almost blinding a worker at the office and risking the lives of the postal and clerical workers who unwittingly carried the bomb.

[Leaflet] What is Direct Action?

What is Direct Action? by Organise! (Ireland)Author: Organise! (Ireland)  |  PDF file size: 122 KB

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From the black bloc ‘having a go’ to going on marches, from smashing up a McDonalds’ to attending a picket, from throwing bricks to going to fundraising concerts for single issue campaigns – all of these activities have had the term ‘direct action’ applied to them.

[Leaflet] The Need of Our Own Project: On the Importance of a Program in the Libertarian Political Organisation

The Need of Our Own Project: On the Importance of a Program in the Libertarian Political OrganisationAuthor: Organisación Socialista Libertaria (Argentina)  |  PDF file size: 87.3 KB

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We that believe in the construction of a libertarian political organisation, of an anarchism that as a revolutionary project has real impact in the class struggle, see the need of adopting a clear program of action that is the fruit of collective discussion and express our principles and revolutionary objectives and that determine the tasks to be realized in each step taken. The importance of anarchists having such a program is expressed by Bakunin when he stated that “one should never renounce the clear established revolutionary program, not in what concerns to its form, not in what concerns its substance”….

[Leaflet] Less Talk, More Regroupment: A Piece on Revolutionary Strategy and getting organised

Less Talk, More Regroupment: A Piece on Revolutionary Strategy and getting organisedAuthor: Jasper Conner  |  PDF file size: 85 KB

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Platformists and especifists have made their point, it’s been written a million different ways. Its time to move beyond advocating for the anarchist organisation, and get to it. The task of this tendency is not to convince others with words, the task is to actually build the organisation and develop its politics… most people in this debate have given little time to what would actually be the strategic orientation of such an organisation, other than it’d be an especifist/platformist organisation…. Its time we got our shit together and actually started discussing the ins and outs of an anarchist organisation that has real strategic and tactical unity.

[Leaflet] Moving to Action: Workplace Organising beyond Recipes

Moving to Action: Workplace Organising beyond Recipes by Scott NappalosAuthor: Scott Nappalos  |  PDF file size: 89.5 KB

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When a revolutionary begins organising in a shop, the first step is typically to agitate one’s co-workers. In our minds we see a step-by-step process wherein our agitation leads to other opportunities, recruitment, committee building, until we have power and an organisation. The problem is that for most workplaces, this way of thinking gives the wrong impression. In some workplaces, particularly in production, there’s a state of constant agitation and actions burst out before committees ever get built. In other workplaces agitation just never seems to take hold. What do we do in these situations? What do we do when agitation takes years without much visible result, or in places where workers are clearly in the retreat or a passive state?….

[Leaflet] End Poverty and Unemployment

Leaflet - End Poverty and Unemployment - SOSAuthor: Soundz of the South [South Africa]  |  PDF file size: 71.2 KB

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The reason why millions and millions of people, especially young people, are unemployed and live in poverty around the world is because of the capitalist and state systems. Capitalism and the state lead to all sorts of problems including unemployment, inequality and the oppression of workers, women and people of colour….

[Leaflet] What? No Government?

What? No Government? by a member of the Solidarity Federation (leaflet)Author: a member of the Solidarity Federation  |  PDF file size: 47.5 KB

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‘Anarchy’ is a word that has a very bad reputation these days. The mere mention of it causes most people to imagine nothing but rows of burning cars, roaming gangs of looters and senseless violence in the streets. Anarchy, we are told, means nothing but the very breakdown of social order itself. Yet is this the truth? Is government really the vital foundation of our society?  To say that we would tear our society apart without a government standing over us, brandishing the stick of authority, is to say we are in reality no more than helpless infants.